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The Next Evolution in Defining Your Life

Tagg Code™, the code that’s more than a code. It keeps you connected while keeping you protected because life can be dangerous. Define yourself and get Tagged In…

Tagg Code™ provides all athletes, sports and outdoor enthusiast a secure Virtual Life Passport. This includes access to the live Tagg Code First Response Center™, your medical data, social network linking and your recreational licenses and permits; as well as athletic release and authorization forms. Learn More

In addition, Tagg Code, allows organizations, coaches, trainers and associations to leverage the efficiency and accuracy of athletes' medical information through a uniquely designed application.
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Athletic Bands available in these fashionable colors.

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Designed for Athletes

Designed by Athletes

Designed to Protect Everyone

Tagg Code™has introduced a unique patent pending product that provides each member a unique Tagg Code™ in the form of a Quick Response Code (QR Code) embedded in all Tagg Wear™ items.

Each member can have multiple items and multiple codes attached to one account. This code, once scanned by any 2D scanner or smart device such as a smartphone or tablet launches the member’s splash page. The smart device must be enabled with the Tagg Code™ app or any QR Code scanning application. The splash page allows the member’s connectivity to all that is offered by the Tagg Code™ System.